Raj, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CashPundit, is a CPA with more than 25 years of finance, accounting, and IT experience. He has worked as a Controller and a CFO at many multi-million-dollar companies and has implemented JD Edwards, Oracle Financials, Orion, Focus, Tally and many other ERPs in his career.  Here is the Raj’s story of how CashPundit was born.

The Genesis of CashPundit

Wherever I worked, I used to face challenges managing cash flow manually in Excel. There are ERPs in the market for maintaining books of accounts, and preparing financial statements.  There are CRMs in the market for managing your customers and sales processes. Even though ‘cash’ is life blood of a business, there are no softwares to manage cash flow. Almost all CFOs manage their collections and cash flows manually in Excel. I was looking for a software which could automate this entire process but I could not find any in the market. I spoke to many CPAs / CAs in US, India and UAE, and everybody told me that they use Excel for this. That’s when I thought about conceiving CashPundit, and left my job to found CashPundit to help businesses manage their collections and cash flows effectively.

The CashPundit Advantage

CashPundit integrates with ERPs and directly imports the required data, thereby automating the entire process of collections and cash flow management. The following features make the CashPundit’s CFM unique.

  • Generates cash flow projections with a single click.
  • Projects inflows which are realistic and are based on the promised-to-pay dates of customers.
  • Gives restricted access to sales persons who can view and follow-up invoices of their customers/accounts.
  • Maintains communication history in a central place which can be accessed by any user who has access to that customer.
  • Monitors collection targets vs actual collections by sales person, credit controller, by region, or by city.
  • Provides receivables aging grouped by branches and sales persons.
  • Helps you send statement of accounts directly from your mobile through email or on WhatsApp.
  • Provides reminders on your smartphone to follow-up with customers.
  • Sends automated emails to customers on invoice due dates and promised-to-pay dates.
  • Manages Post Dated Cheques (PDCs) received from  and issued to customers.

CashPundit provides 360-degree view of cash flow to top management and helps them monitor branch-wise and sales executive-wise receivables, collections, and sales on their smart phones and the web, 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

CashPundit has won 12 international awards and has been a finalist in 6 international award programs. It is part of Oracle Global Start-up Ecosystem Program, cloud partner of Sage, and listed on QuickBooks App Store.