Get Paid on Time

You have a large dealer network to whom you sell on credit. Your customers (dealers) are not paying you on the due dates. Even though your customers do not pay you on time, you still need to pay your vendors on time. CashPundit’s automated tools make collecting accounts receivables very easy and helps you to manage your cash flows effectively.


Manging Cash Flow is the Key

You have a large distribution network through whom you sell. You may have to offer extended credit to your distributors but have to pay your suppliers and employee every month. Since you are operating in an industry with thin margins, it becomes very critical to collect money from your distributors on the due dates. CashPundit gives you total insight into your working capital and helps you manage your inflows and outflows properly so that you always have enough cash to take care of your outflows.


Collect your Receivables on Time

Cash inflow is critical for the success and financial health of your business. When you invest resources before you've even started invoicing, it means you're beginning the collections process from a position of risk. CashPundit helps ensure your accounts receivable collections are timely, while also tracking dozens of projects over a multitude of clients.


Monitor Branch and Salesperson-wise Receivables

Your business has several branches and salespersons. Each branch is a profit center and headed by a Branch Manager. It is very important for you to know the receivables and payables of each branch and the receivables breakup by salesperson. CashPundit provides receivables information to branch managers, salespersons, and credit controllers and helps them manage cash flows effectively.

REAL ESTATE / Contracting

Monitor Project-wise Cash Flow

In this industry, it is very critical to maintain project wise receivables, payables and cash flows. Each project should be able to manage its own cash flows. CashPundit gives you total visibility of cash inflows and outflows of each project and helps you manage project wise cash flows.


Stay on top of Receivables from Insurance Companies

In the health care business, your patients are your customers, but the payment of invoices is made by insurance companies and corporates. It is very challenging to get proper visibility of invoices submitted and yet to be submitted to insurance companies, amount received and yet to be received from insurance companies, and amount received but not yet matched with invoices. CashPundit helps you overcome these challenges and manage your cash flows properly.


Get Consolidated Cash Flow Projections

You are a diversified business group with operations spread across several states and countries. Your group companies are using different ERPs and dealing in different currencies. You are finding it very difficult to consolidate the receivables, payables, and cash flows of your group. CashPundit can sync data from different ERPs and help you manage receivables, payables, and cash flows of your group companies. It can even consolidate data of all group companies and provide you a consolidated cash flow forecast.

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