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Why Partner with CashPundit

The number one reason why businesses go bust is that they run out of cash. However, if you ask CFOs how do they manage their cash flows, they will tell you that they manage it manually in Excel. CashPundit is an award-winning cloud-based Cash Flow Management Software. It identifies potential shortfall in cash balances in advance so that businesses can take necessary action to avoid cash flow problems. The market opportunity for Cash Flow Management (CFM) software is huge. Our partners are key to our success. We take pride in building and maintaining strong partnerships.

Find a level that suits you…

Referral Partner

Work with CashPundit to introduce new customers to CashPundit for a joint benefit.

Reseller Partner

Partner with CashPundit and sell direct to the market, further growing your customer portfolio.

Delivery Partner

Become a delivery partner, helping customers through the journey from purchase to implementation.


Create a partner alliance with CashPundit, to help drive your organizational or institutional goals.

Apply to Become a Partner

Join our partner program today and start growing your business with one of the leading providers of Cash Flow Management (CFM) solutions. Whether you’re a small business looking to branch out or an established industry enterprise, our experienced partner team will be happy to explore our joint opportunities.

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