CashPundit signs Distribution Agreement with Sharaf Computers and Software Trading (SCST) to offer its award winning Cash Flow Management (CFM) Software to businesses across UAE.

Dubai based Sharaf Computers and Software Trading (SCST), which is the trading and distribution arm of Sharaf HQ Investment (the famous Sharaf DG is part of this group) distributes software and offers software services to Enterprise and Corporate customers across UAE. SCST assists businesses of all sizes in aligning their technology needs with their business goals, and equipping their clients with top tier technology solutions. CashPundit will be a key addition to SCST’s distribution portfolio.

CashPundit is the world’s first award winning cloud based Cash Flow Management (CFM) Software developed by CPAs. CashPundit is one of the few companies in the world that helps CEOs, CFOs, and Sales Persons, to monitor their sales, receivables, cash inflows and cash outflows on their smart phones. CashPundit gives you total visibility of cash inflows and outflows of each project and helps you manage project wise cash flows.

CashPundit helps Treasury Managers monitor cash inflows, outflows, overall finances of the company. CashPundit integrates with ERPs and fetches the required data directly into CashPundit without having the need to manually enter or upload the data. CashPundit is a high-performance debt management software that updates the cash forecast with actuals.

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